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“Let’s go to Nogokpo or Antoa for Justice if you think we stole your song” – Choir Masta of Praye fame to Upcoming artist

Praye Group

Choir Masta of Praye Fame has challenged an upcoming artist to meet him at Nogokpo’s Shrine if he thinks Praye stole his song.

Upcoming artist Yaw Berima on Daybreak Hit with Andy Dosty on Hitz fm alleged that Praye plagiarised a section of his song “Asem” which was produced by Possigee.

The Tema based artist who claims was in the same whatsApp group with Choir Masta, a member of the Praye group stated that his song was released somewhere in 2018. When the song was done he shared it in the whatsApp group which choir Masta just happens to be a member of. Few months later, he stumbled on Praye’s new single with a fraction of the song sounding like his already released song.

Surprisingly, Praye’s song was produced by Possigee, the same engineer who produced his song.

Choir Masta reacting to the theft, angrily denied the allegations and called that a disrespect to their brand.

He stated that the Praye group have lots of songs and never will they copy a song from an upcoming artist.

He agitated that he once met Yaw Barimah but the group never came across his song not to talk of taking inspiration from it.
The Young artist on his revelation denied ever meeting Choir Masta.

“We have not copied any section of a song from any upcoming artist, if he think he want justice then he should let us go to Nogokpo or Antoa for it “.-Choir Masta Said

Really pissed off, he called on Ghanaians to pay no attention to such allegations created by young artists just to grab attention.

He lamented that upcoming artists creating such stories are basically placing curse upon themselves and so the earlier they desist from it the better.

Meanwhile the two artists made it known that they took inspiration from “Legendary highlife Musician Onipa Nua” song “Meho Asem” .

Asked by the host if they sort permission from the family of the late legend, they both responded no.


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