Home Showbiz Keep Your Virginity – Afia Odo advises young ladies.

Keep Your Virginity – Afia Odo advises young ladies.

Efia Odo

Gone are the very good days of Bragoro, where young ladies kept their virginity until the point of marraige. Sadly, the reverse seems to be the case in the advent of the 21st century ‘enlightenment’, as our young ladies indulge in all sorts of sexual activities without taking into consideration their ultimate pride as women, which is their virginity.

Ghanaian TV Presenter Afia Odo, who has seemingly regretted allowing her virginity to be taken by the wrong man, has taken to social media to advice young ladies who are still virgins to be wise in their relationship dealings and play it safe, so as not to fall prey to the whimps and caprices of miscreant boys who will merely take them for a jolly ride and leave them hanging when it matters most.

“If you’re still a virgin, please keep it. Don’t let no fuck boy come tell you to prove your love to him by sleeping with him! If you ain’t ready for sex, don’t force yourself to be ready.”

Afia is known for flaunting her curvaceous body on social media. The likes of Veteran Actor Grace Omaboe have blasted her in the past on claims of indecency. To the presenter, it’s merely a way of life and so she sees nothing wrong with flaunting her beautiful body.


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