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It shouldn’t be only Mama Gee, Arrest Pastors who also sell unregistered concoctions to people – Veep of Imani Ghana, Kofi Bentil speaks

Reverend obofour, Mama Gee, Kofi Bentil

Former lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, Kofi Bentil has thrown a big challenge to the Food and Drugs Authority in Ghana.

According to the Veep at Imani Ghana, FDA has done a good job by arresting Mama Gee for selling unregistered products but what is left for them to do is arrest all Men of God who sell concoctions in form of oil, holy water etc which are also unregistered to people in their churches .

He took to his Facebook account to share this view.

According to him, the FDA’s mandate is to stop harmful drugs not ineffective ones.

Below is screenshot of his post on Facebook

Mama Gee’s Arrest

Known in real life as Elizabeth Torgbor, Mama Gee was arrested on Wednesday by FDA for selling unregistered products to Ghanaians.
Her products have been paraded by some as the answer for women who want to obtain financial and other favours from men they go to bed with.
Mama Gee’s products, some of which are herbal formulations, are alleged to be effective at giving women who use them the ability to amplify the sexual experience of their partners.


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