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It is safe to lick the woman’s private part?

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Many people keep asking if it’s safe to lick the private part of a women. Well here are few healthy things to know before taking the steps. 

If you have her permission, and she does not have any sexually communicable diseases (or you use a dental dam to prevent passing diseases), sure!

On fact, giving oral s*x to a woman is one of the most wonderful things a guy can do for a woman and himself. Why?

The way a woman is built, p*nis s*x alone isn’t a good way to get most women to orgasm. Oral s*x, on the other hand, is a great way!

Many women may not have been with a guy who cared about her sexual pleasure. Be the guy who stands out!

You are in charge, but you will have clues to tell you what she wants. Encourage her to talk with or show you so you know if she wants harder, softer, up, down, in, out, fingers, nipple play, etc and on and on.

There are a million variants, and every woman wants something different, and often something different this time than last.
You get to discover it all!

That communication, her telling you what she wants? It will likely spill over into p*nis-in-v@gina s*x, making that better too.

You get to use your fingers and hands on her v@gina, clitoris, nipples, in her mouth, to hold her arms, to squeeze her ass, etc. Wow!

If you do a good job, she will probably invite you back. If you do a great job, you’ll be a real gem in her mind.
With a woman you care for who wants you there, there is everything to like about oral sex. As the commercials used to say, “It’s safe and effective!”


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