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Indiscipline, a factor that leads to students failure

Isaac Adu
Isaac Adu

Indiscipline is when one do not conform to the rules and regulations , and this has become a geographical canker which needs to be tackled

I am not oblivious and wouldn’t be amazed of the release of the WASCCE results 2019/2020 that it will definitely fellow up a national discussion on the reason students failed. And the blame will be shifted to the government for enough facilities to aid teaching and learning, but the greater blame goes to the teacher who worked hardly for these students to excel well .

As a national service personnel I go just beyond teaching but rather offer an advice to the final year students, it is so awful how students turn impervious to take advice .

The crux of the matter is that indiscipline and unseriousnes on the part of students is a heartbreak to anyone who seek for the welfare of these students. Why is it that always the commentary emphasize on only the teacher for the mass failure?

Kindly Visit the senior high school schools and observe the rate of indiscipline level . most students who leave home well decent get consumed by the power of negative peer pressure and get back home , Examples of indiscipline acts include running to town, failure to attend class and preps, disrespect to authorities yet when the fail the blame goes to the teacher.

Indiscipline in schools did not commence today, it was there since ages when I was in school too but it was done by a few people. Yet the school authorities will discipline you to the admiration of parents. One could be given twelve lashes for writing a love letter to a female student. But now we say all the corporal punishment that was meted out to us to get to where we are now are obnoxious and outmoded.

Indiscipline, which is defiance and resistance to rules and regulations, has been a serious canker in the educational enterprise and it is mainly perpetrated by students.

Lets rise and stop indiscipline


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