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In 21st century love is all about sex

sex and love

Gone are the days when we had puberty rites like, dipo, bragoro etc. These rites were meant to usher young ladies who were of age into adulthood. Young ladies who go through these rites were therefore considered ripe for marriage. Traditionally, one who has not gone through these rites could not be involved in any relationship that could lead to a sexual act and therefore anyone who was found in such acts were punished severely and in worst cases banished. During the entire process, the girls being ushered into womanhood are taken through some training like housewifely, dressing, child care, and ideas about marriage to enable them to become good wives and maintain a good home. Young men were frightened by their parents about these immoral acts and how it could result in corporal punishment. Hence, the mindset to desist from it.
Moreover, getting a partner wasn’t something that came on a silver platter. A man who finds interest in a young lady who has passed through traditional rites must inform his parents. Background research is done about the family of the lady before the boy’s parents ask for her hand in marriage. It was meant to prevent young men from getting married to a family with some trans-generational ailments like madness, kleptomania, sickle cell and other disabilities. Sex was an act that was meant for couples but the 21st century youth have turned this prestigious system around.
In the 21st century, what do we see? Do those rites still exist? They are archaic, aren’t they?
Today, young men propose to ladies without a second thought, disregarding the fact that they have no idea who the girl might be, her behavioral traits or sicknesses that might exist in her family line. The most deluded part is some refer to it as “love at first sight”, well in my humble opinion, it’s more like infatuation. Some even go as far as having sex on their first encounter and feel no remorse whatsoever when they’re done. Modern day folks have termed such an occurrence as a “one night stand”. In simplicity, all I’m trying to point out is that, sex has become the major aim of relationships in the 21st century. Even teenagers do not feel shy to propose to women their grandma’s age, just as old men also see no wrong in having sex with young girls the age of their granddaughters. Sex has become so basic, that ladies who do not give in find it difficult to get life partners.
Currently, there is a term that states “no sex no money” denoting that if you deny me sex then don’t ask me for money. Which is happening even among couples. Sex has become a barter trade where most young ladies exchange their pride with money, cars, houses etc from wealthy people and go to the extent of dumping their partners who are unable to provide such materialistic and fleeting earthly pleasures.
Today, it is difficult for a young man to trust in a young lady if he has financial problems, this is simply because his immediate thought is that she is seeing another guy who supplies all her needs. This is not supposed to be so.
I was dumbfounded when a young lady told me that love doesn’t exist today and therefore money decides true love. Well I didn’t object because she is entitled to her opinion. But in mine, true love does exist because everything that has a negative has a positive. I will therefore conclude my piece by advising you to choose your partner not based the fleeting materialistic and temporary satisfaction he or she can provide you, but the long term happiness he or she is willing to assure you. Rich people loose all their wealth on a daily basis, banks get liquidated from time to time, billionaires become paupers overnight, just as poor men become success stories. Don’t let money rule you, believe in your partners and stick by them through thick and thin. For all you know, you being by them is all they need to make it in life. Money, they say is the root of evil, it’s quite unfortunate that humans are the stem. Don’t let money mislead you and later feel remorseful in life. Always remember that all that glitters is not gold.


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