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If your man is not jealous then he doesn’t love you – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Controversial legal Practitioner and Social Commentator, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said that only jealous men exhibit true love. He said on Utv.

Sharing his thoughts about wives making friends with other men, he said,

“Every man is jealous and once he is jealous, it send a signal to you about how he want to be with you only”

He stated that if your husband does not show subliminal signs of jealousy when he sees you with other men, then his love for you should be brought to question.

Asked if he will allow his wife to make friends with men he said,

“Never, Imagine you go to party with your wife and you see her dancing with another man who is a supposed male friend . Especially when he is touching her buttocks”.

He however advised men to give their wives their needs, love and care for them and provide everything they need to prevent them from going out with another man.


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