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“If you go to the market to buy pepper, document it” – Lawyer Morris Ampaw to Marriage Women.

Controversial Maverick private legal practitioner and political critic, Morris Ampaw has said that women shouldn’t think they are doing men a favor when they contribute freely in marriage without document it.

Speaking on UTV Telenovela “Who Killed Libia”, the legal practitioner said, “most men take women for granted and in cases where there is divorce, they insist to own the properties and take the women out”.

He is of the opinion that, men put down documents when they invest in things like building of mansions and then later boast with that. Meanwhile the woman who uses her monies to buy food and other stuff for the family is not given the needed appreciation and recognition.

He added that women should try and document any thing they do when they marry. He believes that if such is done women could be able to use such documents to defend themselves when men rubbish them out of property sharing.

“if you go to market to buy pepper or onion, you have to write or document it down for future use”.

When asked by the host if men will develop trust and love for women who do that, he said,
“Marriage is a business and so you need to put paper and pen on it to create sincerity” he stated.


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