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“I was misquoted ” Prince Tsegah of Hitz Fm condemn Ghanaweb reportage on “NPP has failed Ghamro” story

Prince Tsegah

Host of “U Say Watin” on Hitz Fm and Public Relations Officer of Ghana Music Right and Organization Prince Tsegah, has condemned a reportage by online portal Ghanaweb.com about him and has called it a phony story which has affected his personality.

Ghanaweb headline

On his Facebook timeless, the controversial entertainment pundit posted. 

My attention has been drawn to a story authored by one Mercy Bee of Happy FM with the caption” NPP has failed GHAMRO “.
1. I regret to inform you all that the lady misquoted me and has caused me a lot of public embarrassment since the quote attributed to me was false and calculated to reduce my image before the right thinking members of society.

2. What occurred was, the lady called me to make an inquiry on a press statement I released on Tuesday 25th June, 2019, with respect to royalty distribution starting on Sunday 30th June, 2019.
I confirmed the story to be true and gave her reasons why GHAMRO would start distribution on a Sunday, and even told her that by that date most GHAMRO members would have collected their money.
3. After this conversation, she wanted to know how much some specific musicians collected. I told her it’s is confidential and that I can give her a general impression of how much money was paid and explained the process of the allocation system which GHAMRO used alongside the pilot of a logging system which helps GHAMRO to have an idea of songs enjoying airplay and pay extra remuneration to them.
4.I told her the logging system technology was very expensive to acquire and that even the NPP in their manifesto promised to help Musicians out with the logging system and that GHAMRO needs State intervention to be able to acquire that technology, which hasn’t yet materialized.
5. I further stated that collection of royalties from music users, especially radio stations was an uphill task and that if legislation could be put in place to help collect royalties at the renewal of respective license at the NCA, that would have been great.
6.These were issues discussed and she proposed a discussion on Radio this coming Saturday which I obliged and asked her to cross check NPP Manifesto and even told her the section it was under.
7. She said she would do an online story prior to the interview , only to see this wrong CAPTION which I find very unfortunate .
8. I demand a retraction or she should provide evidence to the contrary that I said what she wrote .
Failure to do the needful will only force me to seek redress from the appropriate authority.


Prince Tsegah
Public Relations Head.


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