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I regret walking off stage after getting hit with sachet water – Feli Nuna

Ghanaian musician
Feli Nuna

Songstress Fella during her performance at Ebony Memorial concert faced a traumatic experience which she would never pray of coming across such in her music career.

The singer during her performance got hit with Sachet water from the crowd which made her left the stage. However Nuna says she has now regretted her actions

“I wish I stayed on stage to speak to them. Let them know that it is one industry, we as artistes are here to entertain. So, they should make an effort to support, regardless of their affiliation to other artistes,” she said in an interview on Cosmopolitan Mix.

The” Awola” hit maker made it clear that rivalries in the industry is good but should be healthy and fans should not make it seems like they hate and envy themselves.

Feli said she has regretted because she didn’t serve her fans as they expected from her.

“My fans, even though, were angry and also disappointed I walked away, they were expecting more. Someone sent me a message that she cried when the water hit me but enjoyed my performance. It made me feel bad,” she told Sammy Forson the host of the program.

She has called on Organizers to put up a strong security to protect artist and prevent audience from attacking them during performance on stage


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