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I love to be licked, It means your man truly loves you – Emelia Brobbey

Kumawood actress Emelia Brobbey has said in an interview she granted on GhOne that her love for licking during sexual intercourse is extraordinary

“I love to be licked, especially my butt, automatically you will turn because you want the main event to happen, you want him to go down there” she said

The actress added that 70% of women in the world would agree that licking makes sex more enjoyable.

According the Award winning actress, there is a perception that some women don’t keep their female organ clean and so for a man to use his mouth on it means he truly loves you.

“Some men think it’s so disgusting to go down there, some will say it’s so disgusting but at the end, go down there because no one is watching them in the room.”

She said some women dont keep their private parts attractive and so men finds it difficult to go down there.

” Some women don’t keep the place attractive but if you are able to keep it attractive, everyday they will go into the pot before starting the game”.

She added that If there is another word for “enjoying ” then it will be “licking”.



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