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I don’t drink Alcohol but I sell it to people – Koo Fori

Koo Fori
Koo Fori

Many people thought ‘Efiewura Actor’ Koo Fori was among the top 10 drunks in Ghana but surprisingly he’s revealed that he has never taken Alcohol before.

In a recent interview on hitz fm daybreak hitz with Andy Dosty, monitored by Tunetalkmedia, the son of Reverend Minister stated that even though he’s always seen performing the roles of drunks he’s never done than in real life

“I have never drunk alcohol before. Never in my life. Immediately I get into the act of a drunkard, I begin to sweat and I do not know where it comes from. Psychologically, it has taken effect on me.

He revealed that he has three pubs

“I own three pubs. Because of the character I play on TV, I do a lot of alcoholic commercials. Therefore, I had to leverage on that” . – he said

Asked why the son of a Reverend will sell Alcohol knowing very well it’s wrong as said in the Holy Bible, he responded

“There are people who do not eat fufu yet they operate chop bars” – he noted


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