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“How many parents will allow their children to marry a blind person”?. Let’s respect people with disability – Prophet Kumchacha Laments

Prophet Kumchacha

He is known by many as the entertainment Prophet.

The likes of Patapaa, Ebony and Yaa Jackson are among the musicians whom he has attacked for doing vulgar songs.

The religious leader who doesn’t seems okay with the manner with which people mock and reject people with disability called it a rather unfortunate condition.

Speaking on UTV, Kumchacha Lamented that it is very sad how Ghanaians treat people with disability.

He questioned that how many parents will even allow their children to marry a blind person?

He stated that most people became disable through accident and some unfortunate circumstances and so we should be careful how we treat such people.

“We shouldn’t mock them or make them feel bad because it can happen to anyone” – he said in twi

Comparing the level at which the western world treats people with disability, he said

“When we travel out there, people with disability are treated differently. Even in the plane they are allow to enter before anyone else can follow”

He added that the way and manner with which the whites treat people with disability is very worthy of emulation, and should be imbibed by Africans.

He finally advised that it is about time people desist from mocking those with disability and love them the way they love themselves.

“Love them and don’t think they are in that state because of curses or punishment from nature”.


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