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How do people define Love in our daily lives?

OK so this blind woman with her daughter come to a troski I took from circle to Ashaiman to circle . She looked super wretched and one do not need Okomfo Anokye ghost to figure out that life has not been easy for her. She greeted in a sorrow mood and started begging, in a twinkle of an eye 99% of the people in the car turned their eyes to different directions whiles others started pressing their phones. I gave this poor woman 2 cedis and another woman sitting next to me also added 5gh. The little girl after realizing her mum wasn’t getting the help they needed took her to the next car behind us. Few minutes after the blind wretched woman left, there came a young man, if i may not exaggerate, in his 30s and with a Bible. He greeted, and starting singing worship songs, I realized everyone was singing along with him. The singing actually lasted for 4 minutes and he began reciting some Bible verses. He quoted about 2 Bible verses with some little encouragement that goes like ” God is about to answer your prayers and you will make money, you will buy cars, mansions, your children will go to abroad bla bla bla etc”, he then summarized his speech and added a 30 second prayers . He politely read a verse in the Bible which talks about offering and added that this is the word of God and so each and everyone should bring out their offering to support the work of God. To my surprise, this people who ignored the poor wretched blind woman started opening their purses, bags and bringing out monies to give to this guy who is as strong as the monster with his two eyes, legs and hand as offering.” Wow that a world we living in” I said to my self. I shook my head while I tried if I could calculate the money the guy was busily collecting and responding “God bless you” with a smile on his face. I felt sad and remembered this verse In the Bible which Jesus said to his people in Matthew 24 : 42-46 “For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink.I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home…….. “.
Is unfortunate and a pity because this people in their mind may think they have given money to God but little did they know they’ve goof big time. We live in the part of world where people ignore the needy and spend much money on pastors. In a nutshell I would like to ask what love really means in our daily lives ? Help me to define who cheerful giver is.Thanks


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