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“Give us peace and we will give you good sex” – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw to wives

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Maverick private legal practitioner and political critic, Maurice Ampaw has lamented that most women are the cause of their husband’s weakness in bed.

He said this on Utv.

According to the controversial and outspoken lawyer. Many wives are so troublesome to the extent that their husband’s manhood does not even erect when it sees their nakedness.

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He revealed that, what every man needs from a woman is peace and so women should try their best to create an atmosphere of happiness in their marriage regardless of the situation.

“If you give us peace, we will give you money, love and good sex” – he said in Twi.

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He added that most men need to take aphrodisiacs before they can be intimate with their partners as a result of their nagging nature.

He therefore advised women to create peace in their homes to prevent their husband’s from going out with other women.


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