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Ghanaians want the best from you but tear you down at the same time – Stonebwoy


Ghanaian Dancehall and Afro-pop artist stonebwoy appears to be having a good time on his European tour.

The BET winner with his electrifying live performance has so far entertained thousands of whites in Sweden, Australia, Holland, Portugal and the turn outs have been amazing.

But instead of the “Kpo k3k3” Hitmaker sharing about the excitement, he seems to be uncomfortable with how his own people prefer to tear him down instead of supporting him to raise the flag of the country high.

On several occasions has stonebwoy complained that Ghanaians ride on negativity instead of the other way round.

He believes that instead of Ghanaians tearing him and other artists down, we could rather channel that same energy into meaningful dealings that can put smile across all faces and push Ghana beyond its limits.

He posted the below on Twitter.

“Where i come from So Much is expected Of Us Yet So Many Tear Us Down!!
To All Who Put In various forms of efforts and Pray That We Continue To Represent For The Flag, We Love U ❤️.You Guys keep Us Going. Don’t Stop! Things will Soon Turn Around!
#shugaEuropeanTour “


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