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Ghana Police Agrees on Nabco Trainees Demonstration come Friday

Nabco trainees

Finally Ghana Police have given permit to Trainees under Nation Builders Corps (nabco) to exhibit their grievances to the government and the public. It is believed that trainees who were employed under the various modules have worked for some months without a penny in their pocket.

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Demonstration comes on Friday, 31st May

The Leadership of the Coalition of Nabco Trainees wishes to notify Trainees and sympathizers that, the *protracted demonstration is finally happening live on Friday, 31st May, 2019, 7:00am prompt at Obra Spot, Circle, Accra*. Leadership has finalized all necessary arrangements with the Police by furnishing all necessary requirements of the Public Order Act.

The decision to embark on a demonstration is driven by resentments Trainees have harboured since we subscribed unto this initiative which is grounded on:

*1. Management inefficiencies, lack of : fairness, acceptable standard of recognition to the technocrats, enthusiasm and vitality in addressing Trainees concerns. Which Trainees don’t appreciate the manner this Flagship programme is been managed by the Secretariat*.

*2. Management’s breach of contractual terms most importantly stipends payment on account of irregularities amid persistent rehashing of the government’s position by the information Minister that this initiative is fully funded*.

We strongly adhere to our solemn demands, and this demonstration can only be called off upon total fulfilment of our grievances:

*1. Pay all Trainees with arrears from November to February in addition to March and April stipends to purge them at par with the regular colleagues*.

*2. Pay both March and April stipends. And regularize the subsequent months. We acknowledge the just batch payment of March stipend which has instantly absorbed into servicing Trainees indebtedness to MTN Quickloan, Fido Loan, and other creditors, upon 3month vigorous work without pay. We therefore demand immediate addition of April stipends to cushion them, payment of May on time and subsequent regularization*.

In fact, we will emphatically state that if our demands are not met prior and after the Demonstration, and this irregularities continue to prevail, *Demonstration will be the order of the Day and the Youths revolution will advise themselves accordingly*.

Again, Trainees should acknowledge and sympathize with their brothers and Sisters having arrears backlog who haven’t been paid upon numerous validations and should have been prioritized and still short changed anytime Fresh batch payment is made, though they are equally validated by Coordinators to be paid. We will state that even if March and April stipends are jointly paid before 31st February, in any case our brothers and sisters are not fully paid all arrears and equalized with their regular colleagues, we should all drum our support over the Coalition to demonstrate to demand fairness, parity, probity and accountability.

Trainees are admonished to remain unanimous, prepare massively and show up in their numbers for a successful upcoming action.

All Trainees should join the Official Telegram page for more updates ⬇️⬇️

We are by this communique calling on all trainees of NABCO nationwide and sympathisers to get prepared for the *revolutional demonstration for addressing our protracted grievances and better working conditions* scheduled for *31st May, Friday 2019. @7am, Meeting Point :Obra spot, circle, Dress code: NABCO t-shirt with red armbands. Come along with your Engagement letters and resignation letters (YEA AND YOUTH IN AFFORESTATION)*


The President of the Republic of Ghana
The Veep of the Republic of Ghana
The Cabinet
The Parliament
The Minister for Finance
The Minister for Information
The Nabco Secretariat
All Media houses
All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.
@and etc.

*Frank Aboagye Mensah*
PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.

*Nana Barimah Asamoah*
National President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Samuel Nyarko*
Vice President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Sadic Abubakar Morgan*
Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees.

*Thomas Gyamerah*
Organizer, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Stephanie Sampong*
Eastern Regional President

*Obeng Francis*
Bono East President

*Kwarkye Asamoah*
Ashanti Regional President

*Joel Jesse Addo*
Western Regional President

*Samuel Benson*
Central Regional President

*Malik Sumaila*
Savannahs Regional President

*Hassan Ibrahim*
Northern Regional President.

*#Get involved and share to reach all Trainees*


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