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Free show : Princess Shyngle now lesbobo? (Photo)

Princess Shyngle

Curvaceous Gambian actress Princess Shyngle is once again trending on social media. And oh! Yes! Your guess is just as good as mine; as its for all the wrong reasons.

This time a photo of her and another lady identified as Tiannah, a Nigerian, has surfaced online and both are seen indulging in an act that’s a sheer depiction of the act of lesbianism.

In the photo, the said Nigerian Tiannah appears to be l*cking the Nollywood actress as she stands looking lost in emotions.

In other photos, the attention seeker Shyngle and Tiannah are cuddling in various s*x positions.

Tiannah shared the photos on her Instagram story and boldly stated that if she is to choose a lesbi*n partner, then it will be no other than Princess Shyngle

Below is the picture


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