By Joel Savage 

Is this culture, tradition or illiteracy?

Is this culture, tradition or illiteracy?

No one gives respect to countries which citizens haven’t any respect for themselves or their leaders. Slavery, colonialism, Apartheid, Aids, Ebola or whatever which is not possible in the developed world but possible in Africa, was caused by Africans because they trust and give respect to the white man, while they hate themselves.

The way Africans, including Ghanaians, hate and treat themselves will always be an opportunity for the developed world to do any evil thing they wish in the African continent, because, after all, they don’t love themselves.

Last year, during a meeting, president Donald Trump referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” nations. The 55-nation African Union said the remarks were clearly racist, while Botswana’s government called Trump’s comment reprehensible and racist. Yet, many African countries, including Ghana continue to insult their presidents, followed by derogatory comments.

The question is: Why was the African continent angry with Trump if Ghanaians are calling their leaders’ names worse than the reference of Africa as a ‘shithole nation?’ Recently, I posted an article on ModernGhana news site entitled “Two Mistakes That Have Given Nana Akufo Addo International Recognition.” https://bit.ly/2BTjb8A

It was an article based on facts, without any insult to the president, yet, there was a comment from someone who said, “This is what you can write about your president? Stupid fool, this is not gonna affect the president but, the entire nation. Destroying the president to the world is like destroying the whole nation.”

I replied the one by saying: “This is the problem with stupid Ghanaians such as Owoahene, they can’t stand the truth. You are the stupid the reason you can’t even write your real name. In the first place, your president is the only person who has 110 ministers and copied American leaders’ speeches. What’s wrong with my article?

Yet, that Ghanaian who wasn’t happy of what I wrote has no guts or brain to protest or comment against insults directed to the former Ghanaian leader, John Mahama. Just read, the Ghanaians papers, including ModernGhana, and you’ll be shocked to read names, insults, and derogatory comments against the ex-Ghanaian leader, yet Africans often accuse the white man of being racist.

According to history, civilization began in Africa, but sometimes, I doubt if this history carries any truth because Africa is the most backward heavily demented superstitious and illiteracy continent, without any progress, yet not ready to change their ways and outrageous characters. Hypocrisy, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and hatred, are what Africa stands for.

When it comes to hypocrisy, I can say with confidence that about 65% of Ghanaians are pure hypocrites. Many don’t read before passing comments. I shared my experience in an article captioned “Why Travelling To Ghana Scares Me To Death,’ after losing 10,000 Euros I invested in Ghana due to a fraudulent chief who sold the land for me.

The article didn’t generate many comments on ‘ModernGhana’ but 55 comments on ‘GhanaWeb.’ After going through the comments, I was shocked to read what some Ghanaians wrote. Under some of my articles, some people have used my name – Joel Savage, like the commenter, even though, I hardly visit ‘Ghanaweb. Why do many Ghanaians behave in that way?

To find the truth behind Aids and Ebola as biological weapons, I travelled to see one of Holland’s best scientists, former Professor Johan Van Dongen, then later, went to Germany to see Dr. Wolff Geisler, who has also written books about Aids, Ebola and other man-made diseases.

The two in medical professions don’t know each other, yet the documents they gave me all point finger on the US government for creating the biological weapons Aids and Ebola to depopulate the rapid population growth of Africa, destabilize our economy and take control over Africa’s rich resources.

Yet, when I started publishing the truth behind Aids and Ebola on ModernGhana news site, many people including Ghanaians attacked and insulted me. What kind of hypocrisy is that and how do Africans expect Africa to grow if they maintain such ugly attitudes?

Foreign diplomats, including America, continue to surround Africa, taking pictures with African leaders with beautiful smiles. Do African leaders think foreign powers like them because they are black or Africans? It’s because of what they desperately need in Africa, the rich resources, they show that false smile and love to African leaders.

They say the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome originate from Africa. Has any intelligent African leader asked the US government: Why thousands of African-Americans haven’t been to Africa before after slavery, therefore, yet the disease Aids has drastically affected both original Africans and African-Americans in the same manner?

How do we expect Africa to move forward if the continent is under leaders interested in the money the US government gives them to cover up every crime committed than the welfare and health of its citizens?

After reading this article if you an intelligent African, ask yourself: ‘Africa, when shall I be a developed continent?

The writer Joel Savage is a Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and author. The accredited press-card holder of the Flemish Journalists Association once contributed regularly to the features column of the Daily Graphic, The Mirror, Ghanaian Times and the Weekly Spectator. He currently lives in Belgium.


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