Home Politics Exit NABCO if you are tired – NABCO Coordinator Spills.

Exit NABCO if you are tired – NABCO Coordinator Spills.

NABCO trainees

A NABCO coordinator has said that any trainees who seem uncomfortable with the NABCO processes should exit from their portal. This happened on a WhatsApp group where trainees were complaining about the delay of their stipends.

In a screenshot sent to Tune Talk Media by a trainee, the said coordinator whose name has been withheld, threatened to take out any trainee who spoke in a ill manner about NABCO from the group.

The said coordinator went ahead to say that, “Nabco didn’t force any trainee to join the program, and so any trainee who doesn’t feel comfortable with the program should exit peacefully”.

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According to the trainee, the coordinator, in the past has compelled some trainees who seemingly made derogatory statements about Dr. Aryars, the CEO of NABCO apologize on the group platform saying words like “Dr. Aryars I’m sorry”.

The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) programme is a government initiative to address graduate unemployment and solve social problems.


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