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“Ewe ladies hate to marry their own men but they go about putting the blame on Ashantis – Social media User.

The ranting about Ashantis being tribalistic has dramatically skyrocketed rather abruptly on social media.

It all started when head pastors of Glorious Wave Church International Prophet Badu Kobi and Prophet Oduro of Alabaster Church Ministry blasted people from the Ashanti region, especially women, saying they are too tribalistic and perceive themselves as superior to others.

Both men of God made such profound statements while delivering a sermon to their church members.

Badu Kobi said, “Ashanti women are greedy, materialistic, disrespectful and money-conscious and also perceive themselves as superior to others”.

He stressed that Ashanti women when married hate to see their husband’s face financial challenges.

He then advised the single men within his congregation to stay away from marrying Ashanti women.

Prophet Oduro also stated, “Ashantis and Kwahu people are too tribalistic, you people think you are the only human beings that is why you discriminate among Ewes, krobos, etc”

Oduro has however come out to apologize to the Ashanti people but Kobi still stands by his words and has even throw shades at people like Appietus who think his words were uncivilized.

Today, a social media User has taken a different route and said that most Ewes, especially the women, discriminate among themselves and hate to marry men from their very own tribe.

“Ewe girls even hate to date or marry their own men yet they go about putting blame on Ashantis. Badu Kobi is dumb ” – she posted

According to the Facebook user, Ewe ladies prefer to marry men outside their tribe; something every Ghanaian is aware of.

She stressed that people should find solutions to their problems instead of putting the blame on innocent Ashanti people


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