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Dump any lady who complains about the size of your manhood – Sex Coach Dzifa Sweetness

Coach Dzifa Sweetness

Outspoken sex coach Dzifa Sweetness has said that men should dump any lady who complains about the size of their manhood. She however advised men to move on to another relationship instead of staying with that woman who is never satisfied with the size of their manhood.

Dzifa Sweetness made this known while speaking on e.TV.

She admitted that there are small manhood, but she went on to state that such is never the problem as long as the man knows how to use it in bed.

She is off the opinion that small manhood is natural and so troubling your man on that doesn’t make sense.

Her words ;

“P3nis is not the problem but when there is a deformity in the p3nis then I can say it is a problem. The size of the p3nis should not be the problem, it is all about how good you use it and how good the man is in the bedroom.
“Sometimes it is lack of confidence. Some guys have it in their mind that he has a small p3nis which will not satisfy a woman. “The way we have short and tall people, it is also the same way we have long and short penises.”

“I want to tell the men that don’t let any woman tell you your p3nis is small. Don’t let one lady discourage you. If she does, try another one and go with confidence.”

“Why will you allow one person to discourage you? It is not small or big p3nis we use to have s3x ooo. There are some guys who have big p3nises but can’t do anything.It is all about how good your foreplay is,”


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