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Dress well if you are coming to Kwahu this Easter – Chiefs /Elders of Kwahuman

The Kwahu Easter festivities is here again. But this time the chiefs and elders of Kwahuman seems to be concern about how the youth dress to expose themselves during the occasion.

“The Easter festivities is what we have inherited and so we continue to mark it but some of the youth are making light of it. They exhibit some behaviours that do not augur well during the period and this is totally at variance with what we believe in because the dressing, especially of the ladies, and the character they display at Easter is very worrying,” Nana Asomani, one of the elders of Obomeng said.

An elder lamented that the way and manner in which the youth portray themselves exhibit nothing to visitors but the impression of indecency in our motherland. He therefore urged the media to help in creating awareness of how decency can help in promoting our culture and occasions.

The elders however admonished youth who will partake in this year Kwahu Easter activities to comport themselves and not to engage in acts that will bring the entire Kwahu and the Easter into disrepute..


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