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Do you believe in Jesus, check out Efia Odo’s Answer

Efia Odo

TV personality Efia Odo has made a shocking revelation about her spiritual background. To Odo she does not believe in Allah, Buddha, Jesus or whatever, she just believe in God and so be it.

She revealed this in an interview on Hitz fm Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty.

It was started when the actress was asked if she goes to church..

Answering to that she said

“Spirituality has nothing to do with church”. 

Asked about her belief she added, 

“Yes when I was young I used to go to church with my mum but growing up I wanted to understand who I was worshiping and not what I have been taught to worship”.

She continued to say that… 

“Most of us were taught to worship Jesus because that was what we’ve been taught, so I wanted to learn and understand God as if I was never taught. So I’m trying to follow my spirit to lead me to the light of the lord”…

When furthered asked if she believes in Jesus, she insisted 

“I believe in God” .

She indicated that she’s not saying Jesus doesn’t exist but she believes in God and that is it. 

“I don’t want to believe in Allah, Buddha, I just believe in one God and we all believe in one God”

She stated that there is always separation when one is asked to bisect whose God he or she is worshiping, and so to stay away from the chaos and war that is Created aftermath, she has decided to stick to God only and nothing else


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