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Delete your Ex’s Number – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha

The Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry Prophet Kumchacha has sent a strong warning to couples who keep their Ex’s numbers on their phone.

Speaking on Utv telenovela “Who killed Libia” , the controversial man of God said.

“I don’t understand why some people still keep their EX lovers telephone number(s) on their phone. You have moved on and you are with a different person so what is the need keeping his or her number on your phone” – he questioned

He added that such acts are annoying and as such it is high time people put a stop to it.

“Lot of marriages are having problems due to such issues. Why should you chat with your ex. If he or she loved you then why did you guys break up. If you are my partner and I find out you are chatting with your ex, I perceive it as you still love him”.

He Lamented that most EX’s especially the unscrupulous ones keep naked pictures of partners and use it against them when they are no more.

“For your own betterment, delete that Ex from your life and block him completely because you might not know the day he will send your naked pictures to you to disrespect you”. – He said in Twi


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