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COVID 19 Pandemic, Each One For Himself, God For Us All


The fast rate of the COVID 19 infections and deaths is very alarming

We can’t ignore the fact that we are now in a very terribly-frightening period, as the coronavirus infection increases without any promise or sign of subsiding in any part of the world.

Everyone, including children and adults, lives in fear, as the world watches in horror, as COVID 19 infects thousands of people each day while claiming the lives of thousands as well, to their untimely grave. The impact of the coronavirus has affected our economy, health systems, and made the life of a human being valueless and meaningless.

School children, university students, workers, etc., are all under psychological pressure and trauma, which could take several months or even years to recover. Despite all the rules the coronavirus in Belgium have not yet had any effect on the number of infections.

The situation in Belgian hospitals is more than worrying. Corona numbers have been on the rise for weeks. Belgium has almost the most infections per hundred thousand inhabitants each day and its impact has taken a heavy toll on the country.

Several Belgian newspapers have reported about filling up with corona in the country’s hospitals. That is really bad since it is likely that new coronavirus patients with be forced to seek medical attention at home with or without health personnel. The current COVID 19 data reveals that Belgium has412,314 confirmed cases and 11,452 deaths.

Every country in the world is mourning and the crisis has forced retired nurses, doctors, and health personnel to come and save lives, unfortunately, many of the doctors have been killed by the virus while on duty, making the situation hopeless. And the more disturbing factor is old people living alone without anyone to take care of them.

When you are attacked by the coronavirus, you have one choice, which is probably to die at home because worldwide, there is no more space in the hospitals to accommodate COVID 19 patients. This the most difficult time for this generation of each one for himself, God for us all.

Scientists have predicted more deaths will during this winter because the respiratory viral infection is much more active during the winter. This is a fact because, in medical history, flu infections increase in cold places than in temperate regions.

In this crucial time of COVID 19, so many deaths at the hospital has made life valueless and since nobody can confirm how safe the new vaccines on the market are, if you believe in God, then pray for your own survival.


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