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Christianity has made marriage problematic – Akrobeto

Kumawood actor Akrobeto has added his voice to the lot who think the introduction of Christianity has created problems in the African society as far as marriage is concerned.

The host of “Real News” on UTV on his show lamented that, gone are the very good days when our ancestors and parents made marriage simple for every young man who was interested in making a young lady his wife.

“Those days there were nothing like wedding, engagement etc. If you wanted to marry a woman you just go her parents and ask for her hands in marriage.”

He added that after the white man’s introduction of Christianity and the influx of the foreign culture, things have changed drastically and the cultured manner in which people used to marry have now turned into something else.

“Today every lady want wedding regardless of the state of the man she’s about marrying. Most people waste huge amounts of money to do wedding and sleep in rented apartments. People rent big cars for wedding and ends up in trotro. Due to this most young men of our days are running from marriage “- He said in Twi.

He adviced that people limit the way they lavished ridiculous amounts of money on weddings which last not more than 4 or 5 hours and think about the years ahead of them in the marriage.


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