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Christian Women Are The Most Gullible – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

He is a Christian but he doesn’t bother criticizing his religion when issues concerning them pops up.

As a pundit on the Utv telenovela “Who Killed Libia”, the private legal practitioner and political critic revealed that, Christian women are the most easiest a man can convince and have sex with .

Asked by the host Sofo Mabel Bempong his motive behind such comment, he reacted;

Most Christian women are desperate for marriage and so the moment they meet men and are asked if they are married, they quickly respond “no” which gives the men (who might be married), the opportunity to take advantage of them.

He added that women become convinced after being exposed to materialistic things like cars without even doing the requisite background research about the man, to ascertain his marital status.

“Ladies of today love sweet vibes and so most men gives them fake information about them”

The controversial lawyer advised ladies to be careful and make it a priority to get to know men adequately before getting involved in a relationship which will leads to nowhere.


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