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Celebrities That Said In 2016 They Will Leave America If Trump Becomes President

American celebrities
American celebrities

Celebrities Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Streisand, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jon Stewart, are among some of the celebrities that promised to quit America in 2016 if Trump is elected president but they are still there

There is no doubt that many people, including Americans and world leaders, hate Donald Trump because of his outrageous bad character and his exhibition of dictatorship in a so-called democratic country, America.

He has been branded a racist, he has been insulted, called all sorts of names and some people even think he is not qualified to be a president, the fact that he says stupid things against women or what other American leaders will never say.

The hate for Donald Trump increased significantly during the candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party in the US presidential election.

Many celebrities threatened to move to Canada or another country if he becomes the president of the United States of America.

Among other celebrities that promised or declared to leave America if Trump wins are Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Amy Schumer, Barbra Streisand, Amber Rose, Jon Stewart, Keegan-Michael Key, Miley Cyrus, Neve Campbell, Cher, and Al Sharpton.

It is often easier said than done, therefore, I am wondering if those celebrities are still living in America to witness more of Trump’s carnage in the United States of America. People don’t have to say things that they can’t do because it disrespects them.

This is one of the reasons Trump has no respect for most of the celebrities, African-Americans, and politicians because he has been winning and defeating all his opponents.

Accusations were piled up like a mountain on Trump, convincing the whole world that there is no way he is going to escape impeachment, yet he was acquitted.

Despite all the hate, there are others that like Trump and follow his racist actions and comments, therefore, the enemies of Trump should never dream of Trump becoming a better person.

Probably, if those celebrities should have done what they said, that would have taught Trump a lesson today to change his arrogance and disrespectful behavior.


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