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Can a relationship last without s3x – Efia Odo asks. (Check out funny answers)

Efia Odo and boyfriend

I quite remember Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Kumchacha saying on Utv that s3x is the bedrock of every successful romantic relationship.

Well I wasn’t surprised though because in our days s3x is just a basic experience and fun for the youth.
Some do not even mind exchanging their bodies for mobile phones.

Most guys do not see the need to spend on their partners without getting s3x in return, just to be sure they do not end up on the losing end peradventure a breakup happens.

As a matter of fact each and every one has gotten reasons why they want to engage in intercourse before marriage.

In a recent post, TV personality Efia Odo in her usual interactions with her fans asked if relationships can survive without engagement in s3xual intercourse.

Below are Screenshot of few comments that came from her fans.

No . Can’t be feeding another man’s goat. She needs to open the computer for me to browse, if not another might snatch her………… 

It can’t survive in this era ooo! Cos people who are not even s3xually active use soap and how many more months or years will they keep abusing Lux and Geisha? The relationship can’t can…….

Survival of relationship is not really based on s3x …..s3x is just a spice that add up to make it more interesting and lively………… 

Definitely no…can a car move without diesel🤔??S3x can even settle misunderstandings😋 which help sustain relationships. #kwesearena…. 

yes of course my dear i and my girlfriend have gone out for two years without s3x……. 

It can if you both come to an understanding and agreement……. 

Definitely depending on how the relationship started. If the relationship started with s3x then it can’t survive because after the female gives the guy 2-3 positions that she know in bed, what else can this woman offer.Relationship build on love can survive without s3x………… 

It depends if they come into agreement to accept it….for me I can survive and am surviving…💪✌……. 

If only it doesn’t involve money ….money goes s3x come……. 

Of course….if it’s not a s3xual relationship. I’d like to think the relationship between me and my Bible study members can survive without s3x……. 

relationship as long as that relationship lasts. Even nonreligious, monogamous, s3xual men are going to have different timelines. … Depends on the man and the woman. Some people have a lower s3x drive while others higher.

Oow yea it can survive without s3x with the reason that I will just find a fuck buddy to do that with whenever I feel for without necessarily involving my girl.

Relationship are to survive without s3x….. Stop faking the lies to cover the truth.

Let try and see if that can work my dear😍💞 so we find out ourselves

not in many cases. s3x has become common in the sense that, when you deny your partner s3x they can get it from somewhere else. s3x has become some sort of commitment you need to give to let your partner know how much they mean to you in this generation.

So we ask, do you think a relationship can survive without S3x? Put your comment in the comment box 


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