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Beyonce Lion King Drama – Accused of stealing music video concept. (Photos)

Beyonce’s “The Lion King Album” was released a week ago. Few days after the Album Beyonce dropped, an official video of one song on the album titled “Spirit” also went live.

Hours after the premiere, people took to Twitter to express their displeasure in the multiple award winner.

According to observations, Beyonce’s Spirit video is a replica of a video which was released years ago.
An observer tweeted

“Beyonce using Petite Noir’s ‘La Maison Noir’ as a ‘reference’ in Spirit?”

Another added, “Beyonce’s new video really reminds me of the stellar video for the absolute banger ‘Blamefire’ from last year from @PETITE_NOIR”.

Indeed People were noticing similarities to another project.

According to source, In 2018, Petite Noir, a Congolese-Angolan artist, who has worked with Solange Knowles, released a visual album called La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse, produced by Red Bull music and conceptualised and directed by Rharha Nembhard and performed by Noir (real name Yannick Ilunga), after years of working on the concept.

Shot against the backdrop of desert landscapes in Namibia, the four-part project, as described by Red Bull, covered the four stages of life as represented by the symbol of the Kongo cosmogram as well as the separation of each arresting section into groups of “fire, earth, air and water”.

However, these similarities are seen in “Spirit” which left people without a shadow of doubt that ‘La Maison Noir’ will be the first to come to mind should you see Beyonce’s Spirit video.

Below are pictures of the glaring similarities that were derived from both videos.


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