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Are Christians cheerful Givers?

Sometimes when I walk on the streets and come across beggars, people with disabilities and so to say “mad people” who might have been used by one fellow for money rituals etc. The first question that crosses my mind is; “Is God truly alive as they say? or He just doesn’t want to act furiously or He’s probably just being patient as the bible describes in the Book Of Numbers 14 :18 and Psalms 78:38
Apparently, if you analyze the life of some wealthy people in society. For instance, Politicians who call themselves Christians but exhibits traits of greed, rudeness, miserly attitudes, selfishness, pride and above all corruption. You might say that Christianity is indeed commercialized.
Sometimes I ask myself and I hope you do too; Why are we surrounded by wealthy people but we seem to find no help. Why are some people you started life with, living life in an awesome manner and you still at ground Zero. Well all fingers are not the same, one would say. But why is it that there is no love among Christians? Don’t tell me there is because if it was to be rated, it’s probably be below 10%.
You see, about 80 % of the message in the Bible speaks about love. Doesn’t it?
Now let’s look at something; There are rich people in the  church you fellowship, aren’t there? When was the last time you heard in your church that the rich are going to join hands to support the poor to get to their level? Hebrews 13:16, Phillippians 2:4.
Hw3 never because they have this perception that, when you get to their level, you will compete with them and therefore it will not go well with him or her; Well, these very same people call themselves Christians don’t they?
Pastors sometimes know the condition of some members in their congregation, but they close their eyes to quote words to take money from these paupers without thinking about their standards of living. But they call themselves Christians, don’t they?
When was the last time you heard your pastor saying, the church is going to contribute to support the needy in the Church? Where is the love in Christianity?
Well, I do not  want to compare religions but lets look at something about Islam as a religious body. Most a time Christians preach against Islam for being violent but brethren if we really want to talk about love in society, moslems got it all and that is why most Islamic countries are rich despite their negative acts. A moslem will never sit back and watch his fellow brother or sister go through travails but some Christians would. Christians will jinx or bewitch his or her fellow Christian but moslem will never do such an evil act because they know the Quran speaks against it. Even traditionalist will never do that because they believe the gods will descend on them if they tried. What about Christians?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?
Where is the love?


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