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“Am not sure Amakye Dede meant something serious crowning Kuami Eugene highlife Prince” -highlife singer B Ryt

B Ryt, Amakye Dede and Kuami Eugene

Uprising highlife singer and “Y3 Chilly” Hitmaker B-Ryt has added his voice to the list of musicians who think Lynx Entertainment signee Kuami Eugene doesn’t deserve to be crowned highlife Prince.

At the just ended 20th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, Veteran highlife musician Amakye Dede after performing with Kuami Eugene crowned the young champ the next art to take highlife to the next level.

In Amakye Dede’s words after his performance with Kuami Eugene he said,

“Kuami Eugene is my son and I can boldly say he will be the one to replace us when we are gone . I give you this crown as the next highlife Prince and it’s from my heart”. – he said in Twi.

Uprising artist B Ryt reacting to the coronation which came as a surprise to Ghanaians, he stated that, Amakye Dede is a legend but he was too quick to crown Kuami Eugene, and it’s rather unfortunate. He believes the legend could have done more research about the young talents who are touring to keep the highlife genre alive.

B Ryt who has been the choice of many when it comes to contemporary highlife music classified Kuami Eugene’s songs as Afrobeats.

“Is evident that Kuami Eugene is doing the Nigeria type of genre, I respect his art and brand and he is a great singer but I think he is not doing the local type of highlife to be crown highlife Prince. Well maybe Nana Amakye meant nothing serious crowning Eugene highlife Prince ” he told Tune Talk Media.

Jokery he added” OK how about if I also get to know Nana Ampadu or Daddy Lumba and they also decide to crown me highlife Prince ” – He questioned

Over the weekend uprising highlife artist “Harmattan” also criticised Amakye Dede for crowing Kuami Eugene highlife Prince.

Highlife Singer B Ryt, real name (Bright Owusu) has been doing music for over 15 years. He has singles like Y3 Chilly, NoBody, Do Good” among others. He is about to release another single title “Odo Color “.


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