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All the men who approach me wants to enjoy the Apple between my legs – Christiana Awuni cries

Christiana Awuni
Christiana Awuni

In the Ghanaian society, there’s a greater expectation placed on women to be married at a certain age.

As a result, there’s always pressure young women at a certain age to settle down with a man.

But for some reasons, most ladies are very critical when it comes to choosing a relationship partner.

In the voice of such women not excluding actress Christiana Awuni, living with a man who has no marriage intention is nothing but a waste of time perhaps reason she’s still single.

According to the Kumawood actress in a recent interview with One Love Ghana, there is no man in her life currently and that Bernard Nyarko who was rumoured to be her man is just a friend with no strings attached.

She explained that she’s still living a single life all because all the men who approach her come with bad intentions.

To the best of her knowledge, the facial expressions of all the men who have come her way showed that they just wanted to enjoy the apple between her legs like Pastor Wilson did to his church member.


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