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A Call For sanitation Program At Abomosu – Written By Isaac Adu

Abomosu sanitation

Most gutters in Abomosu have become engulfed with filth, flies and pungent smell. Where the kenkey sellers sell in the evening are also inundated with plastic waste, decayed food crops and other waste materials.

The Assembly man of the town, Honourable Kofi Agyei, needs to organize communal labour to ensure sanitation in the community.

If this abhorable trend persist for too long, it can cause communicable and airborne diseases…

They need to be educated on the importance of good sanitation practices by community Health personnel and other stakeholders.

We as humans just hail positions and titles, but feel reluctant to discharge our duties creditably …

I would like to use this podium to encourage all members in the community to remain involved in pursuing the ultimate life the community…

This could be a major challenge facing the environmental health sector which include poor supply of fuel for vehicles to help dispose of waste, and the lack of other logistics to manage waste in our area…

Better still, Mr Assembly man, in your own unique way do something for the community to curb impending diseases….

A key worry here is the complaints of the Assemblyman for the area that his persistent calls on the District Assembly to intervene in this situation have fallen on deaf ears.

I am by this article appealing to the Media and benevolent Institutions to take up this noble course of helping this community defeat its sanitation challenges indefinitely.

Cormey writes…

Written by Isaac Adu


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