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10 Most Efficient Ways To Make A Ghanaian Lady Love You Forever – written by Alex Tune .

Pretty Ghanaian ladies

Not every Ghanaian man lives in the Romeo & Juliet bubble or illusion, but once you’re a red blooded young Ghanaian man in your prime like myself, you would want to be the ‘Gyal Dem Sugar’, if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰.

To be honest though, there is no magic formula any Ghanaian man can follow to attract that special woman’s love forever, but my boys, see make i tell you, hope dey!!!

Having conducted several interviews and researches in the past about how to trigger a Ghanaian woman’s love, I have drafted a few steps that I know for sure will make that Ghanaian damsel fall head over heels in love with you forever. PS: If after all my major keys, she still no gree, my guy, move on wai.

1. Respect and Treat her like your sister.

Ghanaian girls can be quite troublesome sometimes, but giving her the slave treatment will only decrease her attraction level for you bro. Y’all heard Efya’s song titled “Treat me like your own”, Charlie, all my female friends used that song as their ringtone, I’m guessing you’re getting the picture I’m painting. Vim.
You can give a Ghanaian girl the whole world, but my brother if you don’t respect and treat her like your sister you will lose her to a broke guy.

2. Take her to places she has never been before.

90% of the ladies I spoke to during my small but intense research made it known that they do not feel comfortable around guys who are home based and do not want to even visit places once in a while.
You do not need to be Jeff Bezos type of rich to do these petty things. Taking your girlfriend to a coded location won’t cost you millions my brother.
Ghana cannot be ruled out when African countries with beautiful tourist sites are mentioned. Bro, abeg try find out some of the cool joints and locations across the regions that she has never been and try take her to such places to relax and unwind. Trust me she will forever cherish that experience.

3. Surprise her.

Massa, you don’t need Okomfo Anokye’s ghost to tell you that every lady, loves surprises. It’s simply how they are designed. Once in a while, do your best and surprise your lady with gifts like watches, clothes, perfumes, sexy panties, beads etc. But Charlie, don’t surprise a Ghanaian girl with food. After eating she will simply forget it once the food digests and the hunger returns.

4. Take her for shopping

LOL I remember one lady telling me she broke up with her stingy guy because she dated him for three years but he never bothered to take her to the mall to even buy her chocolate. Not every Ghanaian girl wants to live an extravagant lifestyle. Some of them just want to sit in the mall and get to feel the environment. My guy, don’t be the ‘kolo’ guy and say the mall is for rich people. Malls in Ghana have items which are pretty cost efficient. Sometimes take your girl to the mall to do some shopping. The roadside stuff is kinda boring.

5. Buy her a car if you can.

Eiii!!! This point will probably get my head bitten off, but the honest truth is that Ghanaian ladies feel a lot more comfortable in cars. In one of my Vox Pops, one lady said;

“Imagine you going for program, with all that trotro wahala”
She’s expressing genuine concern, but bros I’m not saying go and loan money to buy a car for your girl. It’s the 21st century, and we are fortunate enough to have private cars working as Uber. So bossu, if your girl is going for a program, pay for her Uber trip . You won’t be happy if she takes trotro and gets her cloth torn or dirty.

6. Organize a birthday party for her.

This thing way I talk go cause commotion LOL. My Ghanaian girls don’t joke with their birthdays at all. This is the time most of them are expectant that all the love you’ve professed to them will be fully expressed. My guy don’t play tricks on your girl’s birthday, if you do make mistake you go do yawa. Truth is, most guys are of the impression that organizing a birthday party will need heaps of money, that doesn’t have to be the case, if you’re not financially endowed. Organizing a birthday party for your girl isn’t like organizing the VGMAs. LOL. Every girl wants to spend time with her friends on her birthday, so invite a few friends of hers, get some champagne, a beautiful petite cake with some confettis and throw that simple surprise party for her. She’ll always remember you for it.

7. Give her MoMo πŸ˜‚

Most guys make the mistake of running away from this particular point. Honest truth be say, you no fit do anything about am cos that be what dey the system inside ridee. Ghanaian girls don’t like stingy guys in the slightest. Once in a while, try to send her some coins via momo if she doesn’t even ask, just make she feel. If you act like a miser, you will lose her to some pot bellied sugar daddy whose stomach controls the wheels of his Range Rover. LOL πŸ˜‚

8. Continue to give her MONEY.
Senior, Ghanaian girls don’t like broke guys oo, make we talk true. No girl is interested in dating a guy who can’t even cater for himself. Bro, find something to do so that you will be able to give her money when she asks. Don’t forget, the sugar daddies are ready to give her 10X the amount you couldn’t give her.

9. I repeat, give her more MONEY.

I laugh when I hear guys boast about the fact that their girls don’t bombard them with monetary requests. Onua, should you always wait for her to demand before you show something, massa man up! Once in a while drop something in her bank account for her to see that she’s dating a real man and not the stingy or miserly type. U for show am rush small Charlie. Her hair, clothes and other stuff can be sorted if you show such love without her asking.

10. Introduce her to your mum or sisters.
This is one secret most guys do not know. If you really want a Ghanaian girl to love you aside all the above, then do well and introduce her to your family members. She’s met your friends but Charlie your friends are not your family. Taking her home makes her feel safe around you and that will even convince her that you want to be with her and won’t run away if or when you impregnate her.

Thank you for reading and I hope this 10 steps from Tune Talk Media helps grow your relationship and get you that sweet Ghanaian damsel you truly deserve.

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